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Nature and wildlife photography is an art; it’s a planned and thought out process that can take hours, days, weeks and even months to yield a single great or memorable image. Constant battles with timing, gear, lighting, subjects and the natural elements are just a few examples of what the photographer is up against. Although many photographers see these factors as nuisances or things working against them, I like to think of them as the many exciting aspects that make the end result memorable and exciting. Every picture has its own history or story behind it, a complete mental and physical process that took place in order to yield the image. What about the image was the photographer trying to emphasize or show? Why did the photographer choose that exact subject? What camera settings were used and why? When we look at somebody else’s photography we tend to form an opinion: we like it or we don’t, it’s interesting and memorable or it’s not. When I look at my own photography I vividly remember the events and challenges that led to each picture and that is what makes it special to me. A picture’s story can help the viewer to realize what all went into it and it can suddenly make the image much more interesting, understandable and exciting. So many of my pictures are results of awesome adventures and I would like to share those adventures with you!

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The Bluff

A Tale of Two Owls

Enduring the Elements

A Pair of Ears

Close Encounter

Eye Contact

Morning at Mesa Arch

Last Light at Red Castle

Morning Visiters

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