Last Light at Red Castle - Jimmy Breitenstein

Last Light at Red Castle

Natural elements can take a big toll on the photographer, both physically and mentally. I had a four day trip planned at Red Castle Lake deep in the Uintas of northern Utah. In my mind I had planned out this perfect trip of endless iconic photo opportunities, perfect lighting and weather. Upon my arrival I soon realized I was getting just the opposite, four days of bitter cold winds, harsh lighting conditions and constant downpours was not what I had prepared for. Occasionally, the rain would stop and the texture-less clouds would disburse giving me a window of a few minutes to try to get some decent pictures. Despite the weather and what would turn into two weeks of pained breathing and constant nose bleeds because of the cold wind, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. All that time to think and practice shooting in harsher conditions in such a magnificent location led to quite the exciting adventure!

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