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Custom Requests

Just because an image holds my attention doesn't necessarily mean it holds yours. My main purpose as a nature and wildlife photographer is to inspire and to educate others, to help people appreciate and want to preserve the world we live in and the amazing creatures that we share it with. In order to accomplish this through photography I need images that everybody can enjoy and relate to on some level. Because this goal and purpose is so important to me, I want to know exactly what it is that will better help YOU connect with nature. Whether it's a sunrise in the cactus filled Sonoran desert, or something a little more complex such as a pack of wolves hunting caribou during a snow storm, I want to capture the specific moment that speaks to you. I love adventure and I love wildlife and I want to share that with you by capturing an image that you've personally requested, a very specific and custom image, the one you've always thought about. I commit to work with you personally to guarantee that you get, and are completely satisfied with, the image you've always wanted.

**Custom Request prices may vary from those of standard prints based on requested subject, location and time required to capture desired image**

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