About Jimmy Breitenstein

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Jimmy Breitenstein has always been in love with wildlife and nature. Born and raised in Utah, Jimmy enjoys just about every activity that gets him outside. Backpacking, hiking, rock climbing and snowshoeing are among his preferred activities, all of which get him outdoors with his camera, his true passion. At a young age Jimmy received his first film camera as a gift and would photograph and observe the Black-tailed deer, Raccoons, and other wildlife that would frequent his Grandmother’s California property where he spent much of his summers. This, along with the nature programs and books that filled his childhood, instilled in him a great love for photography and a desire to preserve the planet and the wildlife that calls it home. As a nature and wildlife photographer, Jimmy’s greatest mission and desire is to educate others about the natural planet and inspire them to help and protect the animals and natural resources that are disappearing so quickly largely due to human encroachment.

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